my best friend just decided to stop being my friend

so today sucks

I wanted to say something mean to my friend so I am posting it here instead.

This is probably why the only person who relates to you is under 5. 

That’s mean as fuck, wish I could use it on someone i hated

I feel like I am going to be too anxious to sleep tonight.

I applied for the Peace Corps, and I’m kind of afraid to tell my parents.

Like I think they’ll be supportive, but like my mom isn’t comfortable with me being five hours away… So I don’t know. I’ve kind of think it’s the best choice, but it’s scary. I’m legit scared. It’s also something I have wanted to do since I was 18 too.

Need Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

The sun sees your body. The moon sees your soul. NJ  (via tribalgardens)

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the one on the right looks how my kitty looked as a kitten!!! OMG!
I think my roommate is trying to tell me he’s mad at me, but like

he hasn’t been home since sunday, and yeah….

and then i saw my ex tonight, and he had a porn stache…. but i still liked it.

It’s weird today, I remember four years ago meeting the boy I had talked to for a month. And like I don’t know I miss him a lot sometimes, even the annoying things he did. Even though he made me mad. Like I genuinely miss him, he was so good to me. He was the only boy to ever fully love me, and I let him go. I wish we could talk and I could just say “I miss you, I actually genuinely miss you” He was the best thing i have ever had in my life and I fucked it up.